Story of My Blog Poor Period Last Month

Previous month indeed to be a difficult period for this blog, torokossik, soccer maniac and Indonesian Travel that changed the names to the KampanyeDamaiIndonesia2009. Beginning with job that was quiet, only could 2 job from Blogsvertise, 1 job from PayingPost, and 1 job from linkworth that evidently sent to the wrong email address. Afterwards was followed with the fall of this blog PR. Now my blog PR is 0. Whated a pity.

And afterwards Indonesian Travel that was included by me in the SEO contest Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 is banned on the basis of that I did not understand. And that was saddest, also was removed. What's going on?

My Blogs was being unlucky. Unlike fate of David Beckham in AC Milan. Was not as beautiful as the Academy Award 2009 winner's fate or during this blog won the contest ILuvContest. Ouchhhhh.. But this week, my sad feeling was seldom treated. Blogsvertise began to flood my account with 6 job at the same time. Wow. Moreover, Torokossik was also approved in ReviewMe and got 10 job review.


Finally seldom could sigh in relief. How about you restavenged and cinder?
Ayo berburu Dollar!

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3 Responses to "Story of My Blog Poor Period Last Month"

  1. Don't give up...:) It's nice to see another Indo blogger once in awhile.
    Please visit mine if you've a chance.

  2. thx.... i'll visit your blog soon...

  3. banyakan ripiu itu baco'.. memang bnyak yang kena decrease pagerank..

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