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Finally there is the opportunity to write the article again after so long a rest. This time Daeng will be writing about earn money from PayingPost. PayingPost, a company based in the UK, is a new blog advertising and blog marketing network that pay bloggers to write a post about a certain product. All you have to do is promote the advertiser's website and services with links required in your post to direct to advertiser's website. In Payingpost we can register up to 10 account for 1 blog. Which we can get 3 job per day. For payment they use paypal.

Payingpost is a new program made money for the Bloggers. Not the same as the ad network that took 1 month when the registration, you really add all your blogs that you want to enroll in the program. A good news, this network gives you advertise in any struggle in the implementation of their program. Once you receive the opportunity from Payingpost, they will give at least 45 days to complete it and we can make money from blogging. But previously, you must put their code in the head tag of your blog. The advantages of PayingPost is they will give you a bonus $25 for the best review. Don't forget this, they will pay directly in our paypal account. For those who do not have paypal, you must have a paypal account or the bonus and your money will not be able to pay.

PayingPost also has a requirements that the blog must be in English and a minimum age is 3 months and must contain original content. But blog without google page rank (PR) also receive the opportunity, even though the work should be relatively small to compete with the blogs that have a high PR. That's all i know about PayingPost So for those of you who want to earn more money from blogging, let's join with me in Payingpost. Create a new account now.

Payingpost only for the blogger? No. PayingPost is also very useful for advertisers. For the several years , blog users has been increase. The contents developed ranging from personal issues, to the development of technology and politics. Readers also increase more and more with a variety of backgrounds.

The growth of blogs like a mushrooms in rainy season, this is starting to become concerned by various advertising companies who want to offer their products. The importance of blogs as a media campaign, also demonstrated the results of a survey that says that some blog readers say the content of blogs is very useful for them to find the goods and make the decision to buy a product. They further believe what is said on the blog, usually because of a network between the blog's readers are very strong.

From the study revealed that, blogs have any power hornet apart, as in the blog when told of a certain product will be different, especially blogs have something special for each one. Moreover, if the blog readers to form their own groups.

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