Increase Traffic Without SEO

Almost 3 months Daeng tried to increase traffic by following Search Engine Optimization tips or SEO Tips from several SEO Profesional. But after so long time, Daeng felt that I did not have the progress completely. Something wrong? I don't know. Now Daeng want to shared the another tips how to increase traffic by releasing details of Search Engine Optimization. This tips was based on the personal experience, so please wanted to be followed or not.

1. Entrecards
This Website was very good to blog. We could attracted the visitor or traffic from this website by means of entrecard in the other persons blog or in an advertising manner in someone blog. From here we will be obtained by traffic and even more, point that was obtained from entrecard could be cashed in dollar.

2. Social Bookmark
Bookmark or marked and registered postingan available in your blog to ’social bookmark’ like digg, technorati, stumble upon and others.

3. Commented in Blog
This was the method was simplest. Try to commented in blog that was visited by us during blogwalking. Most blog popular used do-follow tags. That meaning that, if we commented in this Blog, we will get backlink and definitely traffic.

And results of all that we will get many visitor per day, and our blog will ranked well in the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo etc. It's mean that you have increasingly found it easy for Earn Money Online.

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  1. Wew nice info..

  2. This is a no-sweat tip! Great and thanks

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