Lowongan Magang 2010 di Bank BCA

PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk. will help to prepare you to be an experienced individuals and ready to use for entering the workforce. PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk opened the opportunity to participate in an internship program for 1 (one) year as a teller / customer service officer, and no official ties.



* Indonesian citizen
* Male / female attractive-looking
* Graduated High School / High School (Report Card average value min. 6.50)
* D1-D3 and S1 (GPA min. 2.50)
* Age 18 s / d 25 years
* Physical and Spiritual Health
* Friendly, good communication skills
* Not have been involved DRUGS and other law violations
* Based in Greater Jakarta (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi)
* Willing to be placed in all branches of the bank in the Greater Jakarta area
* Passed selection
* Willing not to marry during the internship

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