Lomba/Kompetisi BlogSpot Design 2010

Bagi kawan-kawan yang doyan ikut Lomba Desain Blog, berikut ini ada kabar gembira dari TURTLE FESTIVAL 2010. Apa tuh? Baca aja kabar berikut ini.

For the TURTLE FESTIVAL 2010 (FESTIVAL PENYU 2010) and for the sake of the threatened Sea Turtles, Yayasan Pulau Banyak hereby invite everyone to take part in our competition in BLOGSPOT DESIGN.


1. Free, as long as your BlogSpot:

* Concerns the plight of the threatened Sea Turtles and the conservation efforts in Pulau Banyak.
* Eco-tourism in Pulau Banyak
* Other environmental problems in Pulau Banyak, such as coral reefs, forest, birds and other species.

2. Data, photos and stories can be retrieved from:

* www.sumatraecotourism.com
* www.acehturtleconservation.org
* Information retrieved by googling Pulau Banyak.

3. The competition is open to everyone except for members of the Turtle Festival 2010 Committee and Founders, Managers and Controllers of Yayasan Pulau Banyak.

4. Participating BlogSpots have to link to the following two web sites:

* www.sumatraecotourism.com
* www.acehturtleconservation.org

5. Your e-mail address for further information.

6. Your URL/BlogSpot address has to be registered by e-mail to the Festival Committee at festivalpenyu@yahoo.com not later than May 25, 2010.

7. Competing Bloodspots can use any of the following languages:

* Indonesian
* Malay
* English


* For best BlogSpot : Rp 5.000.000
* For second best BlogSpot : Rp 1.500.000
* For third best BlogSpot : Rp 500.000

Announcement of winners will be made in http:/www.festivalpenyu2010.blogspot.com/ after June 23, 2010.Prices will be transferred directly without any charges to the winner’s respective bank accounts. The Festival Committee takes no responsibility for any taxes or other charges incurred in countries outside Indonesia.

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