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Neobux PTC provide new faces and fresh air in the world of Pay To Click (PTC). Neobux managed to create a standard PTC site to a higher level, and the most important quality is reliable.

Neobux PTC is clearly different from the others. Precisely because of its success, a lot of PTC, who later replicate the look and the existing system in Neobux. Clearly, that Neobux is the best current PTC. So what distinguishes PTC Neobux with others?

When you account balance reaches $ 2, you could do cashout. Usually, the minimum payout on other PTC sites ranged from $ 5 s / d $ 10. You need the number of clicks very much to reach the limit of $ 5 let alone $ 10. It takes a very long time.

At Neobux PTC, you could do cashout quicker. But wait. Note also that a higher limit for the next cashout requests. For the next cashout, minimum payout to $ 3, next to $ 4 and so on until you reach the minimum payout $ 10.

At Neobux PTC, you can not buy referrals like other PTC sites, but you can rent. This is actually more profitable for us as a member. First, cheaper rents than the purchase price. Second, usually when we buy referrals, one day they will stop doing clicks and will never do another click. Means you will not make a profit again, and even a loss because they have not bought a turnover of referral. This will not happen if we rented referrals at Neobux. If the referrals have a less good performance, we can make recycling a cost of $ 0.07, and Neobux will replace it with a new referral. If you do not want to recycle, Neobux will change automatically every referral that does not click at all for 15 days, free!

For standard member there are several referral rental packages:
3 referrals for $ 0.75
10 referrals worth $ 2.5
20 referrals for $ 5
30 referrals at $ 7.5
50 referrals worth $ 12.5
70 referrals and $ 17.5
100 referrals for $ 25

So if you're a standard member, the price of rent per referral is $ 0.25. But now there are new rules to ease the standard member. To rent referral first and second stage, members simply pay the standard $ 0.25 per referralnya. Fun is not it?

Neobux also provides autopay feature. Each referral you make click (at least one click a day), some funds will be withdrawn automatically from your account to pay rent the next day his referral.

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