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This year gave few surprises when Facebook became Social Network that experienced the extraordinary increase. According to survey that was carried out, Facebook in fact overcame Myspace, some of first Social Network site in the world. However this time I will ask you to gather by some of Social Network site that did not lose from the other Social Network site. You had heard about Acobay? I felt pity if you had never heard about this site.

Acobay was Social Network site that offered the different matter from Social Network that was other. Here, you could share your favorite “stuff” to your friends. You can get connected with each other in Pet Network (if you have a special pet), the Auto Network, or Movie Network. The favorite place for me is Book Network. Why? Because I can share my great books for all friends in this network. I could find friends that had special books like me, so as we could change mutual information.

Acobay indeed gave the sensation that was different from other sites. You better immediately registered and gathered with me in Acobay. I guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

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