TheMMBlog First Contest

Klajdi Hena, 17 years old blogger from Korca, Albania, the webmaster of TheMMMBlog, are starting they first ever contest.

How to Enter:

* Subscribe to our newsletters - 5 points (Required)
* Blog about the contest - 4 points
* Write a review about TheMMBlog - 10 points
* Link to TheMMBlog - 1 point

The Contest Ends On January 31st

The Prizes:

1st Prize:

-A multi use package of the Citrus Theme from Unique Blog Designs(Same guys that have designed the current theme in this blog).

This package allows you to use Citrus Theme on unlimited websites and blogs. This package also comes with all six (6) color schemes - Mandarin Orange, Lemon Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Blueberry, Tangerine and Rotten Tomato.

-”Work Smart, Get Rich” ebook from The Net Fool, a $15 value.

-A 125×125 banner ad on Rauru, for a whole month, a $8 value.

-6 months of VM-3 VPS hosting, $19.95/month value, 30GB DiskSpace, and 300GB, 384 MB of Guaranteed Ram, from Norted Solutions.

2nd Prize:

-A 468×60 banner ad on Garry for a whole month, a $69.5value.

-”Work Smart, Get Rich” ebook from The Net Fool, a $15 value.

-A 125×125 banner ad on Hedge Against Speculation for a whole year, a $180 value.

-6 months of VM-1 VPS hosting, $9.95/month value, 10Gb of DiskSpace, 100GB of Monthly Bandwidth, and 128 MB of guaranteed RAM, from Norted Solutions.

3rd Prize:

-Reseller hosting from, free for two months, a $9.95/month value. 10 GB Disk Space, and 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth.

-”Work Smart, Get Rich” ebook from The Net Fool, a $15 value.

-A 125×125 banner ad on Blogict for two months.

-A 125×125 ad on Number 39 for a whole month.

4th Prize:

-Shared Hosting from Feather Host for three months, a $3.95/month value. 5 GB Disk Space and 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth.

-A 125×125 ad on JargonCliq for a whole month.

Addon Prizes:

5th prize: +A free banner or graphic design for free, from Aziz GFX.

+A 125×125 banner ad on Blogging Kid!

For more detail please visit:

The Money Making Contest

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