January Feed Contest @xoxjanellexox.net

Janelle is having free contest at her blog as well. It is January Feed Contest @xoxjanellexox.net . You get to win great prize. So how to take part?

1. [10 Entries] Subscribe in the email notification of xoxjanellexox site. A contestant may only subscribe once. [Subscribe Here]
2. [2 Entries] Blog about the contest, be sure to include the links of the sponsors. You'll get 2 entries per blog post. By the way, the blog must be at least a month old.
3. [2 Entries] Link to xoxjanellexox.net sites. You'll get 2 entries per link.
4. [2 Entries] Technorati Fav my sites. You'll get 2 entries per technorati fav.

http://xoxjanellexox.net - link | fave
http://phinkness.com - link | fave
http://phinkness.info - link | fave
http://pink-flower.org - link | fave

♥ $ 10 Paypal Cash
♥ 500 EC by http://phinkness.com
♥ 500 EC by Funny Pictures
♥ 500 EC by Blogger Hacks
♥ 1 month 468x60 Banner Advertisement at http://xoxjanellexox.net
♥ 1 month 125x125 Banner Advertisement at http://contest-love.blogspot.com

Kindly submit your entries in the following format at phinkness@gmail.com with a title "January Feed Contest".

Subscribed: [youremailhere]
Blogged: [links of blog entries]
Linked: [list where you've linked me]
Technorati Fave: [technorati user]

*Only those who sent their emails are counted as participants in the contest

The contest will end on January 30, 2009 and the announcement the of winner will be on January 31. The method of choosing the winner is via Random.Org.

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